The AI for Churches Podcast
The AI for Churches Podcast
Ep 7: Amen for AI: Leveraging ChatGPT for Church Communications & Outreach with Katie Allred

Bringing Technology and Faith Together for a Better Tomorrow.

Ep 6: God, Gutenberg, and Google: The Evolution of Sermons in the AI Era with Jason Hamrock

By |2023-08-27T19:35:29-05:00August 28, 2023|

AI for Churches host, Cassandra Robinson, and Missional Marketing CEO, Jason Hamrock, delve into AI's positive impact on church outreach and sermon preparation. They discuss how AI can be a powerful tool to spread the gospel, if used responsibly and ethically. Join the conversation and let's explore together how we can leverage AI for good in the church.

Ep 5: Revitalizing Church Growth: AI, Mindset, and the Human Connection with Nils Smith

By |2023-08-13T23:29:37-05:00August 14, 2023|

AI for Churches host, Cassandra Robinson, welcomes Nils Smith, the innovation guru at Dunham and Company. Together, they dive deep into the crossroads of faith, innovation, and technology, focusing specifically on how AI and mindset changes can enhance the church experience. Listen in to embrace AI in the church and explore its potential to deepen our understanding of God and enhance our ability to love others.

Ep 4: AI for Church Plants: Bridging the Content Creation Gap with Bart Blair

By |2023-07-31T01:59:38-05:00July 31, 2023|

AI for Churches host, Cassandra Robinson, joins Bart Blair in a lively chat where they unravel the potential of AI in church planting and content creation. This episode discusses how pastors can utilize AI to assist in sermon outlines and content creation, refine various processes and extend the Gospel's reach. Tune in as we explore the world of AI in church planting and discover how it can be a valuable tool in enhancing the ministry and outreach efforts of churches.

Ep. 2: Streamlining Church Operations & Processes with AI: A Deep Dive

By |2023-07-06T13:35:55-05:00July 4, 2023|

In this insightful episode of The AI for Churches Podcast, host Cassandra Robinson chats with Jason Collier from Missional Marketing about streamlining church operations with AI. They explore how AI could transform sermon preparation, enhance congregation engagement, and debunk myths about job displacement. Tune in to delve into this intersection of faith and technology.

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